ProTrain Knee Brace
ProTrain Knee Brace
ProTrain Knee Brace
ProTrain Knee Brace

ProTrain Knee Brace

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Made of flexible, sweat-proof, and, breathable knitted fabric.

The heat effect provides in the knee joint a long-term relief on painful joints, muscles, and surrounding tissues. It can be preferred in daily use and during any type of sports activity since it does not pressure or prevent the knee cap move.


  • Breathable, flexible, micro-massage tech, and skin-friendly fabric.

  • Seamless Compression Technology

  • Built for athletes on the move

  • Targeted compression for maximum performance 


  • Osteoarthritis

  • Intraarticular fluid increase

  • Sprains

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James Pemberton
My best friend for therapy

So, I injured my knee playing soccer. Thankfully it wasn't a big deal but serious enough for me to need therapy and a brace. My orthopedist recommend me to purchase this brace as it provides heat therapy that it definitely speeds up the recovery time. Besides that I can also say that it's really comfortable and maintains its shape and compression level.

Eliza C
Great for runners

I enjoy running and although I'm not a professional I like challenging myself, nonetheless my left knee hurts when I exceed 8k (I'm 38) and this product has helped me to enjoy to the fullest running sessions. My knee pain got to a point that I couldn't run over weeks and this has taken me back on track.

Hangki Choi
Now I can do long hikes!

I just love this product! It has improved my hiking performance a 100%. It's seamless, gives great compression and my skin doesn't get any type of rash as it is common with this type of products.