Self-Care For The Self-Employed

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When you work for yourself, time is limited. After all, you not only have a business to run, but a family to take care of, and it’s up to you to do it all. This often means sidestepping self-care. But that is about the worst thing you can do. It’s time to focus on yourself, and the following tips can help you make it happen.


Exercise does more than keep your body fit and fabulous. The more physical activity you enjoy, the more productive you’ll be at work since your mind also benefits from exercise. Even as winter sets in, Jaiyou asserts that you can maintain an active lifestyle. Run, jog, go hiking, or join a gym that provides access to an indoor pool. 

You can maximize the benefits of your workout by investing in a supplement to help keep your energy levels steady. Keep in mind that women may do best with a product that helps with endurance instead of muscle building. Don’t forget to consult with your doctor before starting an exercise routine or taking any supplement regimen.

Make your home your happy place.

They say home is where the heart is, and that has never been truer than today. You are spending so much time at your address while stressed that you’ve probably filled your home with negative energy without even realizing it. If you're supercritical with the kids, tend to argue and complain more often, and simply don’t feel relaxed at home, it’s time to clean and declutter. Start by clearing the negative air by opening the windows and wiping away unhappiness. You’ll need things like lemons, vinegar, and sage to clean and revitalize the overall energy in your home.

Wash your worries away.

There are few things more enjoyable than submerging your body into a tub full of warm water. Town & Country notes that taking baths are good for your health in many ways. A dip in the tub can put you in a better mood, encourage better sleep, and reduce muscle pain, which is important if you’ve been working out. And as winter sets in, the steam from a hot bath – or shower – can lessen inflammation in your nasal passages and boost your immune system, both of which can help shorten the duration of cold and flu symptoms.

Leave work on time – at least on Friday.

Time is your most valuable asset. Although, as a self-employed individual, much of your time is likely dedicated to your profession, you do have to spend some on yourself. If you can’t leave work every day on time, make a point to cut it short on Fridays. This will, at the very least, give you a chance to do any of the above or to simply enjoy a family dinner with those you love the most.

 Other ideas

  • Buy a pressure cooker. You’ll save time on cooking and may be more encouraged to eat healthier foods every day.
  • Take up meditation and yoga for stress relief.
  • Buy new bedding – silk or cotton sheets are the most comfortable and may help you sleep better.
  • Support yourself as you live and work with breathable and skin-friendly braces and supports that help alleviate and prevent pain.
  • Let go of fear because it’s one of the only things that can hold you back.
  • Take up a new hobby, preferably something you’ve never done before.

Self-care is not always easy when you’re trying to run a business. But just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s not important. Look for ways to make yourself a priority. Remember, you’ll be a better version of you both at work and at home if you do something nice for yourself. The above tips, including exercising and reclaiming your time, are a great start but ultimately, only you know what feeds your soul. Once you find it, do it and you’ll be that much closer to being a self-care superstar. 

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