How to Heal an Ankle Injury

Treatment Goals

  1. Reduce pain and swelling
  2. Encourage healing of the ligament
  3. Lastly, rebuild the function of the ankle

For an accelerated recovery I recommend using our ProCare Ankle brace as well as our ProTrain Ankle support.

Benefits Of Our Ankle Braces

  • Anatomically designed, manufactured of flexible and sweat-preventing woven fabric.

  • silicon pads around the malleolus supports the ankle, reduces pain and edema with compression.

  • Breathable, flexible, micro-massage tech, and skin-friendly fabric.

Steps To Recovery

  • Make sure to be advised by a doctor to be safe. It is most important to rest the world we live in is always on the go but for an ankle injury, it is most important to rest to ensure a smooth recovery! Watch some of your favorite shows!
  • Be sure to be using ice over the ankle to keep the swelling down. Another helpful way to promote healing is to take an ice bath.
  • Compression! It is best to keep the pressure on the injured area. The best way to do this is to purchase either our ProCare or ProTrain Ankle supports.
  • Lastly, elevation. Be sure to have your leg rested on top of a pillow or stand. Gravity helps to swell by draining excess fluid. Pain killers are also an option when advised by a doctor.
  • Physical Therapy  is key for improvement. This is at the stage of recovery that the ankle is in less pain. PT is helpful because it will give you the confidence you need to continue with your everyday practices. They encourage balance and stability training, which gains movement in joints and muscles.

An example of these practices may be something like bending your ankle up to your chin. Doing this exercise every once in a while helps gain motion that will help to walk.


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