Health Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Now that most Gyms and small practices are opened in the United States, Aerial yoga is a great socially distance workout to put in to practice. It is best to bring along a Covid Kit, to have a safe and fun experience! 

Aerial Yoga is a great approach to strengthening your body, focusing on the mind, having a unique experience with friends, and lastly a great photo opportunity!

Many different poses that are popular in aerial yoga take up to 80% of your body weight off of your bones and joints. This allows your body to gain more flexibility in this sport in comparison to regular forms of yoga.  

  1. Aids Digestion- the stretches done during this workout help the digestive systems, helps with constipation and indigestion. 

  2. Helps Back Pain- Because you are doing the class in support of an aerial silk your body will feel supported and more comfortable. The comfort of the silk also allows you to breathe easily, which improves neck and back pain. 

  3. Anti-Aging- Improves blood circulation throughout the body. It also detoxifies the circulatory and lymphatic systems. The result of this is a delay in cardiovascular issues.

The differences of Aerial Yoga and Yoga

These two great practices are super helpful when it comes to gaining strength, flexibility and balance. Aerial Yoga allows you to be more flexible than you normally would be with the support of the silk. It is great to allow yourself to try things you normally wouldn’t on a mat, with the comfort of the silk. Especially being upside down!  

Most instructors recommend wearing a wrist or ankle support for protection, since some studios require you to go barefoot to practice. Our braces use breathable, flexible, micro-massage tech, and skin friendly fabric. 

Poses To Strengthen Your Body!

  1. Star Inversion - This relieves stress, insomnia, as well as calming the mind. Relieves menstrual cramps and menopause symptoms. 

  2. Floating Savasana with assisted Foot and Back Massage- You are being hugged by the silk, almost like a baby swaddle, this allows you melt and sink into a calm state of mind.

  3. Low Lunge in Wrist Wrap- Stretches the hip flexor and sciatica. Relieves emotional and hormonal stress


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