5 Tips to Stay Active Year Round

Keeping an active lifestyle is a challenge that, at first sight, seems complicated. Our daily routine throws us all different challenges that make our mission harder and harder. For some might be waking up early after little sleep because college or kids, for others is the lack of motivation when they see the long road ahead, but hey! we want to share with you 5 tips that will help you start a healthier lifestyle. 

1. Start with 15 mins

We know what you’re thinking, is too little and you had heard it before, but have you really gave it a try? The idea behind the “15 minutes” is to create a habit, small achievable goals will give you the motivation to create a habit, which is all that you really need, big goals filled with a momentary enthusiasm tend to fail.

2. Make getting fit enjoyable

A lot of people think that in order to get fit you need to go to the gym every day and burn yourself to see results, quite not true. If your goal is to improve your health, movement is everything you need. What about dancing? or What about hot yoga or pilates? or What about a fun app? Our recommendation, Zombies, Run! It’s a running game and audio adventure, with missions, and yes, zombies that will make you run. 

3. Choose activities that suit your lifestyle

Waking at 5 am after sleeping 5 hours it is not an achievable goal neither a healthy option. You need to sleep, but what you can do is to plan ahead for activities during the weekends. Consider your budget, physical abilities, and amount of free time.

Bonus tip: Set up a goal, create a reminder in your calendar, make space for yourself. If you like to run, hike, lift weights, and jog, and you’ve felt discomfort in your knee or you’re looking for an extra support, our ProTrain Support, is perfect for that task, is seamless, comfortable, sweat-proof and affordable plus Free Shipping included. 

4. Plan ahead your routine

If you’re starting at the gym, having a clear idea and schedule of what you’re going to do helps to keep you motivated, if you’re working out at home, we recommend you to do the same, create a youtube list or use an app like Freeletics, so you don’t have to think what to do, that might kill your motivation. 

5. Look for incidental ways to move your body every day

If you’re working from home or in an office, take breaks of 5 mins to move and relax your eyes. Use the stairs, not the elevator, if possible walk more or use the bike to do some errands.

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