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Jaiyou Sport series: Jumping Rope

Consider adding jump rope intervals to your workouts if you want to add some fun and creativity to your workout sessions! A good jump rope is one of the best investments you can make in your fitness because it is an extremely effective form of cardiorespiratory exercise. It requires little more than a small amount of space, a timer, and some creativity. To consume one liter of oxygen, humans expend approximately five calories. It means that exercises that involve a greater area of muscles can increase the oxygen demand, allowing you to spend more energy (burn more calories). Anyone who has swung a rope for more than 20 seconds knows it's an excellent way to raise your heart rate and...

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Sport Series: Yoga & Pilates

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional exercise methods, we recommend practicing Yoga and Pilates. They are methods that have many similarities and that together will help you strengthen, tone, and relax your muscles effectively.

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Adopting Healthy Habits: A conversation with world-renowned fashion designer José Miro

We interviewed Jose Miro, the designer who impressed Thierry Mugler the first time they met at the Paris Fashion show and worked with him for five years in Paris, taught at one of the best design schools, Fashion Institute of Technology. Check out our interview and find out more about José’s journey to a healthier lifestyle, and some inspiring insights into his professional career.  

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